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1-1 Successive Director List
1-2 About the Station
1-3 Video Briefing
2-1 Main Functions of the Station
2-2 Staffing Pattern
2-3 Organizational Chart
2-4 About the Research Section
3.Local Agri-industry
3-1 Local Agricultural Industry in Taichung District
3-2 1. The rice industry in Taichung District
3-3 2. The upland and special crops industry in Taichung District
3-4 3. The fruit industry in Taichung District
3-5 4. The Vegetable industry in Taichung District
3-6 5. The flora industry in Taichung District
3-7 6. Crop Seedling Production Industry in Taichung District
4.Research Achievement
4-1 Recent Research Achievement
4-2 Paddy Rice Research
4-3 Upland and Special Crop Research
4-4 The Pomology Research
4-5 Vegetable Research
4-6 Floriculture Research
4-7 Crop Biotechnology Research
4-8 Plant Protection Research
4-9 Soil and Fertilizer Research
4-10 Biological Materials Application Research
4-11 Agricultural Machinery Research
4-12 Extension Education Research
4-13 Agricultural Management research
4-14 Rural Living Research
5-1 Security Policy
5-2 Privacy Policy
5-3 Government Website Open Information Announcement