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Main Functions of the Station

  1. To conduct plant breeding for major crops of economic importance.
  2. To improve the cultural practices of various crops.
  3. To propagate and maintain the improved varieties of crops and other crop germplasmsTo .
  4. To investigate and improve soil, fertilizer, and plant nutrition of farmlandTo .
  5. To develop farming systems of various crops for sustainable agricultureTo .
  6. To develop alternative means of controlling diseases and pests and to forecast the epidemics of insect pests and diseases in the field .    
  7. To improve and design farm machinery and related equipment.  
  8. To study and improve farm management techniques in rural areas.
  9. To carry out agricultural extension through educational materials, training, technical consultation, field demonstration, mass communication, and other measures.
  10. To raise the living standard of farmers and promote their cultural activities.